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The Truth and the Lie have a very special and unique relationship...really amazing if you take time to look and SEE...

- There is only ONE truth, there can only be one Truth because only the Truth is true, meaning all the rest is Lies...

- The Truth has always been the Truth, it never changes, because it is good in itself

- The Truth cannot be changed, for changing it would turn it into a lie...

- Every religion is based on the one Truth, but has turned into a Lie when put in words...

- Words give a meaning, which can never be the same as the original Truth

- Religions try to explain the Truth, which is impossible, since the Truth needs no explanation

- Looking at the core of every religion - when you ommit all the words and generated ideas - you find all religions are the same

- Look into the eyes of Jezus, Buddha,Brahman, Mohammed...forget about the words that were put on paper by others about them... and you will find that you are looking into the same eyes...

- The Truth cannot be described in words, because words come from the mind, which is part of your body

- The Truth lies hidden in your soul, the heart, the core of what you are, well protected by walls of pain. These walls were built by hurting others and letting yourself be hurt by others.

- The Truth lies inside you and cannot be found in the outside world.

- Break down the walls of tears around your heart and you will find the Truth - again- The Truth of who you are, where you come from, why you are here and where you are going.

- The closer you get to the Truth, the more lies you find... the lies that hurt you so much... the lies that make this world to a hell for so many people every day...including you...

- Stop hurting yourself and others

- You can only BE the Truth
- You can only be Yourself
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  • Reading: about the Cathars
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Submitted on
June 7, 2010