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How will this end?

The meaning of Love.
Many of us wonder what is going on these days. We see pain and destruction increasing around us everywhere. We see it rise in our families, in our jobs, among our friends, in our country as well as on a global scale… we see people loose their jobs, people being put out of their houses, people breaking down mentally. We see people die in wars, we see friends loose their lives because of dreadful diseases, we see and feel the pain it causes to those left behind…we feel darkness closing in on us…and many of us ask themselves: “How will this end…?”

It is difficult to see where this is leading to, especially as thoughts about it tend to feed our fears rather than our confidence…maybe my words will help you a bit here .

When you wonder about how this will end, you can ask yourself ´how did this begin´.
It is an old Truth that you cannot know the end if you do not know the beginning.
…but who knows how it all started?

“In the beginning there was nothing” they say…

In the beginning there was nothing… until a tiny Light appeared. At the same moment that this Light appeared, everything that was not Light became darkness. Total darkness surrounded the Light, in an attempt to absorb it. But the rays of Light that spread out from this first source cut through the darkness into all directions. As the Light travelled out into darkness, its rays were broken and divided by the darkness into single particles of Light, isolated like tiny stars filling the universe.

This is what happened in the beginning, but it is still going on…”The Beginning” is a continuous proces and you are part of it. All creation, including you, is shaped and equal to this beginning.
You can see the beginning  inside yourself, when you close your eyes and stare into the darkness. In the distance you will see that tiny Light.
But there is more…

Each particle of Light that was send out since the beginning has in itself the power to grow, to become more radiant. As the pressure of darkness increases, the ´Will to Shine´ in this Light increases as well, untill the moment comes that the Will of the Light is so strong that its rays break through the darkness.

This Power of Light, is what we call love…
The meaning of love is to bring Light to where there is darkness.
The meaning of love is to set free all Light that is surrounded by darkness.

Since ´the Beginning´ Light and darkness have been opposing forces. You can see them in this world today. You can find them in yourself as well…if you are brave enough to look…
So as darkness intensifies around you, focus on this Light that lives inside your heart…feed it, cherish it, grow it…
You are ´the Beginning´ and your Light will break through the darkness if you want it to. The Light will warm you, it will spread out and help you warm others, so they will see and feed their Light as well…
This is how it will end…as it began…and from there it will only go on…

Be Light, be Love, be a star!
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Light an Love to you.
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